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The advancement of the law, which we support by developing partnerships, funding research and promoting excellence in legal research, is essential to improving the administration of justice and, consequently, building a better society.

The Foundation carries out its mission by:

  • Supporting doctrinal legal research through its grant program. Since 1982, the Foundation has distributed close to $2,950,000 for the publication of over 120 books and 145 articles;
  • Encouraging the pursuit of excellence through its legal competition that rewards authors who publish leading works. A total of $390,000 has been distributed for over 70 publications since 1984;
  • Participating in projects with the Department of Justice, universities and community organizations;
  • Publishing legal guides available free of charge to legal practitioners, their clients and the general public. Over the years, thousands of copies of a dozen publications have been distributed, including close to 250,000 copies of the Legal Guide for Seniors.

Fundraising campaigns